Friday, April 21, 2006

First Round of the Playoffs is underway

The first round of the playoffs is underway, check the link below for up-to-date stats.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Leafs win lottery, hold first pick overall

This is order of the following non-playoff teams picking in the
2006 entry draft being held in Vancouver, BC . The draft date
is TBD and the league will let the teams know asap

#1 Maple Leafs (pick aquired from Phx)
#2 Rangers
#3 Flames
#4 Wild
#5 Lightning
#6 Penguins
#7 Redwings
#8 Capitals
#9 Flyers
#10 Blackhawks
#11 Hurricanes

Playoffs are upon us

Here are the seedings and bonus picks awarded to all teams:
Toronto (1) vs. NY Islander (16) - Toronto awarded 1st 4 picks
Dallas (2) vs. St. Louis (15) - Dallas awarded 1st 4 picks
Boston (3) vs. San Jose (14) - Boston awarded 1st 4 picks
Edmonton (4) vs. Buffalo (13) - Edmonton awarded 1st 4 picks
New Jersey (5) vs. Florida (12) - New Jersey awarded 1st 4 picks
Anaheim (6) vs. Vancouver (11) - Anaheim awarded 1st 2 picks
Los Angeles (7) vs. Montreal (10) - Los Angeles awarded 1st pick
Colorado - 8 vs. Ottawa (9) - Colorado awarded 1st pick

For Playoff Info visit:

Please email the league your picks by 4:00 Pacific time on Friday.

Anyone who's picks I have not received by Thursday night I will email to remind them to send in their picks.

Colorado, Los Angeles, and St. Louis have submitted their picks so far

If you have any questions email me or i'm always on icq and msn after 3:00 central