Saturday, September 09, 2006

Moving on

It has been a month since the loss of our friend Rob, and more than ever, the craving for hockey is starting to burn. Moving forward with the UFHL isn't a betrayal of a friendship, its a tribute to it. Rob would have wanted everyone to continue enjoying the league and the challenges of a new season.
While the league has not named a replacement for the Kings team, it will likely happen by the beginning of the season. Rob's legacy should pass on to another GM rather than be left to fade.
As you talk trade, sign players, and submit those rosters, don't feel guilty that you have resumed your regular routine. Rob loved the league when it was active. He loved the competition. He loved the communication with peers. Think of Rob when you carry out your GM business. He is inspiration for us all. This year also know that the competition for the Jack Adams Trophy will forward be known as the Robert Ratliff trophy. This award is not based purely on the success of your roster, but for your efforts to make the UFHL a better league. The league hasn't written up the definition of the award yet, but we all have an idea of what type GM Rob was. He raised the bar. His memory will continue to make the league a better place.