Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope all of your travels are safe to see your loved ones. I am not going to institute a transactions freeze but I would ask that you respect the fact that we all have familys and that they come first. If you feel it necessary to file a transactions please feel free to do so, however i will be out of town from Friday Night (12/22) to Tuesday Night (12/26) so transactions will not be processed until then.

Reminder: Officepools changes are your responsibility now, please read below. If you need a player moved from Farm to reserves please advise Rick at the ufhl hotmail account.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone,


UFHL Forum Issues

As most of you know their have been some issues with the forum over the past few days. We have received an email from the owners of the website explaining the issue. Long story short someone who worked for them purposely deleted the backups and corrupted some forums. This issue has been resolved by however we did lose 20+ days of posts.

If you go to the transactions link and if you submitted a transaction but it is not listed it is because it was lost in the fracus. Please resubmit and I will process them as soon as possible.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Officepools Changes In Your Hands

Effective immediately, all UFHL GMs are responsible for setting up their weekly officepools changes.

Log into Officepools.

Create a team login for your team (remember your password).

Click on trades.

Make changes between your reserves and your active roster.

Click Save

On Sunday AM, an exec will be log into the admin utility and will review and process the officepools changes with the click of a button. This process takes a fraction of the previous amount of time. Because it is so easy to do, the league is insisting that all GMs learn how to do this.

If you need a player from your farm put onto your OFFICEPOOLS reserves, please email the league.

When you make a trade, the officepools rosters still need to be changed by an exec. It is crucial that your trades are done in time for an exec to make officepools changes so that you can then make your officepools changes. It is your responsibility to make sure this happens.

This makes the load on the execs much much less, and will pair very well with Ben's new database set up.

Its the new age of the UFHL! Now lets find some more GMs!