Friday, June 02, 2006

UFHL Stanley Cup Round

Congrat.ulations are in order for the Edmotnon Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens, both teams have now survived 3 grueling rounds of the UFHL Playoffs.

Both teams have until Monday before the start of Game 1 to submit their rosters.

As noted before the sign and trade freeze will be lifted on Monday the 5th when Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals begin


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Trade & Signing Freeze Ends soon!

UFHL Headquarters (undisclosed location in western North America) - The UFHL has announced that the Trade and Signing Freeze will end when the Stanley Cup Finals begin, approximately 7:00 PM EST the day of the 1st Game of the Finals. Because the UFHL is expecting an influx of requests for signees we are going to institutue waiver rules for the 1st 24 hours. After the 1st 24 hours every player not signed is fair game. With the UFHL Draft being Sunday June 18th, all draft rosters must be submitted before Thursday June 15 by 9 PM Pacific time. This will give the league enough time to update all team pages and prepare for the draft. Also at this time another Sign and Trade Freeze will be in effect until the end of the 4th round.

To see where you rank on the waiver list: